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Bellagio is one of the most prestigious and luxurious resort and casino complexes in the world and is an icon of gambling entertainment in Las Vegas. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is renowned for its outstanding services, amazing architecture and huge gaming space. But who is behind this grand project, how did it all start and how has it evolved over time? Let's find out about the founders of the casino, its history and who owns the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas today.

History of Bellagio

The history of Bellagio began in 1993, when Mirage Resorts Inc. announced its ambitious project to create a new resort-casino complex in Las Vegas. The main idea behind this project was to create a resort that would combine luxury and glamor with an outstanding gaming experience. This was the task that was given the Italian themed style and name - Bellagio, in honor of the town of Bellagio on Lake Como, Italy.


The founders of Bellagio

Who owns the Bellagio hotel and casino? The founders of the Bellagio casino are a few key figures who brought their visions to life and created this superb venue:

  • Steven Wynn (Steve Wynn). Steven Wynn was the main driving force behind the creation of Bellagio. Wynn, known as an influential entrepreneur and Bellagio casino host, already had experience in opening successful projects in Las Vegas, including casinos such as Mirage and Treasure Island. He was inspired to create a resort complex that would be even more luxurious and sophisticated than his previous projects.
  • Joann Wynn (Joann Wynn). Joann Wynn, Stephen Wynn's wife, was also instrumental in the creation of Bellagio. She was not only his support, but also actively participated in the interior design and decor of the casino, giving it that Italian charm and luxury, which became its characteristic feature.
  • Frank Gehry (Frank J. Fertitta III). Frank Gehry, along with his brother Lorenzo, was part of the Mirage Resorts team and was involved in the realization of the Bellagio project. Their family company Station Casinos contributed to the investment and development of the resort and casino complex.

Bellagio construction and opening

Construction of the Bellagio began in 1996 and lasted about two years. This project was one of the most expensive in the history of Las Vegas and the total cost was about 1.6 billion dollars. The architectural design of the Bellagio was created with great attention to detail to recreate the atmosphere of an Italian villa in the heart of the Nevada desert.

The Bellagio opened on October 15, 1998 to great success and rave reviews. Its grand opening was a real event for Las Vegas and attracted the attention of tourists and gamblers from all over the world.


Bellagio's development

Since its opening, Bellagio has continued to develop and improve. After a successful launch, the casino has attracted the attention of a large number of tourists and the place has become a favorite destination for gambling enthusiasts and those looking for outstanding services and recreation.

MGM Resorts International

In 2000, just two years after opening, Mirage Resorts Inc. merged with MGM Grand Inc. to form MGM Mirage (now known as MGM Resorts International). This made MGM Resorts International Bellagio casino host and other luxury casino-hotels in Las Vegas and beyond.

MGM Resorts International has become one of the largest gaming holdings in the world, owning multiple casino-resorts, hotels, entertainment complexes and restaurants.

What the founders of Bellagio casino host do to make it the best casino

To make the casino the best, the founders and Bellagio casino host take a number of key actions and strategies. Here are some of them:

  • Investing in luxury and quality. The founders and Bellagio casino hosts realize that one of the key aspects that attract guests is a high level of luxury and quality of service. They invest heavily in renovating and modernizing interiors, design solutions, furniture upgrades and technological innovations to provide guests with maximum comfort and aesthetic pleasure.
  • Entertainment and shows. The founders of Bellagio realize that guests are not only looking for excitement, but also for a variety of entertainment. To that end, they offer a variety of outstanding shows, events and entertainment programs that allow guests to experience an atmosphere of splendor and opulence.
  • Innovation in the gaming experience. Bellagio casino is constantly looking for ways to improve the gaming experience for their guests. The founders and Bellagio casino hosts provide new and exciting games, implement the latest technology and improve the rewards systems to provide guests with the best gaming experience possible.
  • Loyalty Program and Privileges. To attract and retain loyal customers, Bellagio offers a loyalty program and various privileges for VIP guests.
  • Staff training and development. The founders of Bellagio realize that the quality of service depends on experienced and professional staff. They invest in the training and development of their staff, teaching them high standards of service and providing the tools to create a unique experience for each guest.
  • Brand Management. The founders and Bellagio casino hosts actively manage the casino brand in an effort to maintain their reputation for luxury and quality. They develop marketing campaigns that emphasize the casino's unique features and attract the attention of new guests.
  • Collaboration with recognized brands. Those who own Bellagio casino and collaborate with recognized global brands in luxury and entertainment to provide guests with exclusive services and features. This includes restaurants by renowned chefs, luxury stores and boutiques by global designers, and outstanding entertainment events.
  • Social Responsibility. The founders and Bellagio casino owner also strive to be socially responsible and invest a portion of their profits in charitable projects and community support.

Bellagio casino host salary

Bellagio casino host salary varies depending on their experience, professional skills and productivity. Typically, casino hosts can expect an annual income of $40,000 or more, including tips and possible bonuses. Providing top-notch customer service and attracting outstanding customers can significantly increase Bellagio casino host salary, making this profession attractive to those seeking a successful career in the gambling industry.

Bottom Line

Bellagio casino is a story of success and prosperity. Opening its doors in 1998, it has become a symbol of luxury, opulence and innovation in the world of gambling and resort complexes. Thanks to the continued efforts of the founders and Bellagio hotel & casino owners, it continues to be one of the most popular and successful casinos in Las Vegas and the world, attracting guests with its unique experience and atmosphere that is unparalleled. 

Those who owns Bellagio casino are committed to innovation, quality service, social responsibility and a unique experience attracting many guests who are happy to return again and again to enjoy all that Bellagio has to offer.